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Derek Neville


Derek Neville by trade was a Schoolteacher. Born in UK (November 1911). Early in 1932, as a young man, Derek set out from London to walk to Land's End. All he had on him was a little card, on which were written the words, "Derek Neville, in Search of God". His life on the road, nomadic existence and experiences among the homeless and down-and-out's was to have a profound effect upon him as recorded in Journey of the Heart. During the war he was a conscientious objector and spent much of his time working with relief agencies.

From wayfarer he became a "way-shower" through his writings and poetry (The Garden of Silence, Bright Morrow, Put Off Thy Shoes, Windows). A great out-pouring of inspirational writings (The Ceaseless Beauty, The Inward Life Notes series) occurred between the 50's and early 70's whilst he was residing in Norfolk at Itteringham Mill (which he ran along with his wife as a Vegetarian Guest House, serving afternoon teas). He also contributed many articles to the Science of Thought Review magazine founded by his friend Henry Thomas Hamblin.

Derek had started to write his autobiography when he passed over, shortly after his wife Mary, In May 1976. His writings so simply written, form part of a great legacy, from the loving heart of this unusual man. A lover of Creation and Nature, a man of vision, a truly God conscious man.

Derek Neville

Title: "The Inward Life Notes"  

Revised Edition: February. 2009
Pages: 232 pages
Type: Paperback
Dimensions: 146mm x 206mm
ISBN: 0-9582774-9-5
Price: Special Clearance Price NZ$ 22.48 (US$ 16.00)

This volume covers the Notes 1-104. Originally issued (in 1954-5) as eight books comprising The Inward Life, The Flowing Tide, The Heart's Desire, The Temple of The Soul, Life Everlasting, The Light of the World, The Realm of Cause and The Roots of Being now in one complete volume.

"Friend, whoever you are, let this be as from my soul to yours. Let us forget personality and come into the realm of eternity. All that we need for completeness in every way is a deep and abiding awareness of God. There is nothing else needed, nothing else to seek. Therefore before you begin to read these notes and meditate upon them, lay aside all your problems, all your outward needs."


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